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Lisa asks…

How do you hook a pole light to a marine battery?

I just got a 14 ft john boat and want to hook up a pole light and safty lights. How do I hook them to my marine battery? And who makes the best battery for a small trolling motor?
thanks for any input..

Staff – Customer Service answers:

Install an inline fuse and switch on the + side, unless these are LEDs that you are installing, it doesn’t matter which way the current runs. Use alligator clips on the battery end of the wires, makes for an easy disconnect.

Mandy asks…

Whats the best way to charge a deep cycle battery?

Should you trickle charge it or full blast charge it? I have a charger that will charge at 1.5 amps or 6 amps. Its a 12 volt battery used for my trolling motor. Im afraid that it wont hold a charge as long if I use the 6 amp setting.

Staff – Customer Service answers:

There should be an Amp-hour (AH) rating on the battery, it is probably something in the range of 80 to 130AH. A 6 amp charge rate is nothing, I wouldnt even cringe at 20 amps as long as you dont force the terminal voltage much over 14 volts (easily monitored with a simple volt meter). You could decrease the charge rate as the battery nears full.

Charging at a 6a rate wont have an affect on how long the battery runs the trolling motor. If you were charging at a fast rate of something like 15 amps or more and stopped when the terminal voltage rose too high, the battery wouldnt be full yet. As this point you would decrease the charge rate and continue charging.

If the capacity is 100AH, based on a standard 20 hour rate, this would be 5 amps for 20 hours (5A x 20H = 100AH). To recharge this battery will take a little more than the rated full capacity (due to the inefficiencies of charging, esp when the battery nears full), figure about 10% more. This would be 5 amps for 22 hours or 6 amps for about 18 hours. If your battery is bigger or smaller than 100AH, adjust the time accordingly.

Fully automatic charges are common and reasonably priced, they charge the battery and then stop when it is full, just perfect for what you are doing.

Be sure to check the water level in the battery occasionally, I recommend using distilled water if you need to top it up. After filling, charge the battery.

Daniel asks…

What is the best web site for selling boats here in the midwest?

we have 2 boats for sale and have had no luck using ads in the papers, signs posted and flyers with pictures hung up at different stores…one boat is a 1997 stratos, 20ft, single console, ez loader trailor, has depth finder and fish finder, also has a 65 lb thrust trolling motor, and two new batteries. the other boat is a dock house sits on table rock lake sleeps 4, has hot water tank for shower, comes with ac/heat, port a potty, completely furnished with all kitchen supplies and linens. 30 minutes from branson, missouri……both boats are in excellent condition….we are selling due to were moving and can’t take them with us…..i would appreciate any help with web sits that you can use for free and allows photos.
looking for free web sites-also would like to post pictures of the two boats.

Staff – Customer Service answers:

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