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Faq And Reviews – About Trolling Motor Battery Size

Maria asks…

What size deep cycle battery do i need to run a 54lb 12v Trolling motor ?

The trolling motor has a 48 amp draw. I usually run it half speed for two days .
I currently have a pull start 25hp Tohatsu outboard with a output loom (80 watt/6.7 amp) .
Should I join up the deep cycle battery to the loom ? I have read that deep cycle battery‘s should be used to 50% capacity before charging . Is this true ?
Thanks for looking

Staff – Customer Service answers:

Any size deep cycle battery will work. Group 27 is the smallest size I would use. Group 29 will give you longer running time but is heavier. If you don’t need to remove the battery from the boat to charge it, go with G 29 or even G 31. Don’t bother hooking to engine, you will have to eventually charge the batteries manually anyhow.
I always charged my batteries after each use and always got 3-4 years life.

George asks…

what size battery do I need for a Sears Ted Williams 25 speed electric trolling motor?

I know I need a 12 volt deep cycle battery, but I have no idea what size battery i need.

I can’t seem to find anything on line except for a formula of 1 to 1.2 Amps per lb of thrust .. but I can not find a thrust rating anywhere on the motor.

the model # is 217.59003
it is an older trolling motor but it works great (tested using my van battery). the front face has a dial labeled 1 to 25 and a switch for forward and reverse.

will a deep cycle battery for a power scooter work?

if so what Ah rating is the minimum to operate the motor? (i don’t want to get one that is too puny .. but the biggest one they have costs more than my car payment)

Staff – Customer Service answers:

I agree with Russ; it’s never a good idea to slack on a battery of any sort. 70 or 80 bucks will do fine for a basic trolling motor, although I’ve never ran across a 25 speed? Are you sure it’s not a 25 pound thrust motor?

Anyways, Interstate batteries have always treated me well for trolling batteries. I have a 10 foot Bass Raider with a 45 pound thrust Minn Kota, and the Interstate hasn’t failed me yet. Be sure you get a trolling deep cycle battery, and not a deep cell cranking battery.

Edit: No, I seriously doubt a scooter battery would be big enough. Not to say it wouldn’t work, but it wouldn’t give you much run time.

You can find very decent batteries for 70-80 bucks. Normally, places like Bass Pro have very high prices on batteries because they kind of specialize in that stuff. You can go to Walmart or even auto parts stores at times and fine various deep cycle batteries that will do. Again, I really like the Interstate Batteries a lot.

Susan asks…

Trolling all day. What size battery is needed? Help!?

Hi, I just bought a 12v Minnkota Traxxis 40, 40lb thrust trolling motor for my 12 foot deep V aluminum boat. I am looking for a battery that will run constantly, for 8 -12 hours at medium speeds. I will have about 800lb in the boat when full. What size battery is needed? How do I calculate the the power usage of the motor?

Staff – Customer Service answers:

I have a 40 lb thrust motor guide on a 16 foot aluminum bass rig. I use the most powerful deep cycle battery that Wal-mart has. I can fish for 10 hrs or better. But you can’t hold it down all day. You need to run it on slower speeds and take advantage of the wind.Put the wind at your back and just hit the trolling motor to correct the steering to insure your battery will last all day. You can fish with it all day, but you can’t hold it down, put it in high and use it for transportation. If you do that, have another battery in the boat with you for the trip back.But by using the trolling motor wisely it will last you all day.. But some advice here. If you get a cheaper battery with less power it may last half a day. It’s best not to go that route.

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